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  • Dance

    "Thank you for holding space for all of us to be ourselves." - Grace

  • Freedom

    “You and your work stand out… you are making a difference, making the world a better place. And, you’ve been doing it for a long, long time. Thanks for all the ways you’ve touched my world.” -Steph

  • Love

    “You were created to pass the gift of love and positivity and love of dance!!! No words can explain how much u inspire me to be a better person in the world!!!!!” - Kofi 

Meet Axé, Founder & Leader

As a world-renowned educator, acclaimed performing artist, and queer artivist, my life is dedicated to the power healing through movement.

I've been training in dance since the age of 9 – starting with classical Ballet, moving into emotional expression with Dunham and Limon technique, feeling the fire in Hip Hop, my inner cheeseball through choreographing over 40 musicals, and finding my spiritual warrior self through Symbology of the Orixas and 5 Rhythms.

I am an award-winning entrepreneur, weaving artistry into social change, serving as certified SomaSource practitioner aka embodied global dance leader who guides others to radical personal freedom.

I connect with the divine energy within, channeling it to heal myself and inspire others.

Come to an Experience

Our Values

Return to The Earth

Ask The Indigenous/Land Back

Collaboration Over Competition

Embodied Consent

The Nguzo Saba aka The 7 Principles of Kwanzaa :(Umoja/Unity, Kujichagulia/ Self-Determination, Ujima/Collective Responsibility, Ujamaa / Cooperative Economics, Nia/Purpose, Kuumba/ Creativity, Imani/Faith)

The Embodied Revolution: Berkeley

Our Mission & Vision

SOL VIDA™ is shifting normalcy from systemic oppression to radical personal freedom utilizing tools of embodied healing justice.

We are committed to preserving Afro-Diasporic culture, enhancing progressive dance communities, in addition to artistic leadership development.

Since 1999, we’ve been producing workshops, programs, festivals, retreats and co-creating safer, inclusive spaces for authentic expression.